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Press Release at Enterprise Data World - 2011

At the Enterprise Data World Conference held in Chicago in April 2011, Information By Design (IBD), IYCON, and Knowledge Consultants, Inc. (KCI) announced a teaming agreement to provide QPR Software Solutions to the U.S. markets.

Business PartnersFrom left to right, they are:

  • Frank Kowalkowski, President of KCI,
  • Jude Chagas Pereira, Director-IYCON,
  • Gil Laware, President of IBD


Gil and Frank presented a session at the conference on Scorecard for Data Management: A Managerial Approach and Discipline. They showed various data governance scorecard metrics based upon DAMA Management International's - Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK) to a large group of attendees.

Gil Laware, President of IBD commented that “IBD provides Chief Information Officer (CIO), training, and other consultative services. Our management and project management experiences include various industries that include: banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics to name a few. As the U.S. Business Partner of QPR, our focus is to improve our client’s business performance using QPR’s suite of products.” “Our focus is the vast mid-market for performance management, process management and process analytic solutions” said Frank Kowalkowski, President of KCI. “The QPR offerings perfectly complement our existing business analytic product Afterspyre - the Business Analyst, and at launch of this product suite, we have already achieved integration between QPR and Afterspyre - the Business Analyst.”

IYCON is a QPR Strategic Value-added Reseller and a QPR Global Implementation Partner for the last 10 years. “After successfully addressing the Middle East, Asian sub-continent and Australian markets, IYCON is now expanding its reach to the U.S. markets through this strategic alliance”, commented Jude Chagas Pereira, Director-IYCON. “We believe that the success of any solution lies in its implementation and IYCON has a proven rapid implementation methodology for QPR solutions which is now available to QPR customers in the U.S.”

Together, IBD, KCI and IYCON provide complementary services that help organizations plan, implement, and install successful business performance solutions.

About QPR Software

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