Service Oriented Architecture

Implementing a Service Oriented Architecture represents a significant change to an enterprise’s information technology environment. As a part of this framework for thinking about information technology services, your business analyst has to take on new roles to ensure the changes to a business’s information technology environment are business driven.

Businesses are evaluating concise and simple concepts of business service(s) that provide a sense of the “whole”. An architectural framework provides a pictorial context that provides a means for all individuals to communicate and enhance the organization’s ability to rapidly respond to business and technology changes. With an assortment of different architectural models, the business analyst’s role has to focus on the organization’s strategy, drivers and critical success factors. Building supporting “service” based models becomes the foundation for the emerging inter-organizational value network. At the same time, this architectural framework has to support flexibility, interoperability, and integration.

In a complex business organization, we are fundamentally talking about Business Analysts. Business Analysts are individuals who are responsible for recognizing the critical details of business processes. They have the unique ability to translate business requirements into business models.

To that end these business models provide Information technology (IT) with the framework to produce the right business service(s) for your business. Training your business analysts to handle this new design approach is at the heart of every significant business process change and is critical to innovation and achieving business success. See our white paper written with SentientPoint on The Pivotal Role of a Business Analyst in a Service-Oriented World.

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