Other Cloud-based Solutions

IBD offers many other Cloud-based Solutions!

Zalogo Cloud Back-up Solution

Here are some of the more popular Cloud applications to help you manage your business:

  • Email Encryption - critical for businesses that deal with personally identifiable information - such as healthcare and finance.
  • Web collaboration and Virtual meetings - conduct meetings with colleagues, clients, and prospects from your home or office just as though you were there.
  • Dynamic or dedicated hosted servers - run your business in the Cloud. For more information Click here for Cloud Hosted Servers.
  • Hosted VoIP telephone systems - get the features of an in-house PBX via the Cloud.
  • Anti-virus, spam and email archive- get the most powerful, comprehensive and easy to use cloud based email filter.
  • Network Security Suite- a comprehensive, cloud based network security suite of products managed from a single portal.

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