CIO Roles

In a recent Harvard Business Review blog, R "Ray"Wang suggested the role of the Chief Information Officer is changing.  The new generation of a CIO will have different persona that must address: (1) infrastructure, (2) integration, (3) intelligence, and (4) innovation. 

CIO personas Today's CIOs are under pressure to deliver on requests for cost reduction, connectivity, innovation, and a growing demand for business intelligence.

1. "Infrastructure" tend to focus on the technology side and internal-facing activities to reduce costs. Most projects prioritize keeping the lights on and managing legacy environments while disruptive technologies like virtualization and cloud  will play a key role in cost reduction.

2. "Integration" focus on the technology side and both internal and external organizational activities. They have to connect internal and external ecosystems by bring together a hodge-podge of business processes, data, systems, and connection points with legacy systems and newer cloud-based approaches.

3. "Intelligence" focus on the business side and internal facing activities and empower the business with actionable insights by improving business-user access to information.  The key theme includes placing the right data to the right person at the right time on the right interface.

4. Innovation" focus on the business side and external activities and identify disruptive technologies for pilot projects to drive innovation on a shoestring.

These are key elements for businesses to drive their business transformations.  IBD can help you make those transformations. 

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