Information by Design: the Future is Now

Information By Design (IBD-us) started in 2005 with a unique vision to become a professional services firm. IBD focused on helping businesses use analytics and information technology to make decision-making more effective and efficient. Over the last 15 years, we have supported customers with a variety of solutions: implementations of customer facing web technologies, implementations of cloud solutions, operational conversation of banking application, development of a financial data warehouse, implementation of 1st responder badging system, development of data management policies, practices, and procedures, development of an business and information Systems, and various business strategic, tactical, and operational plans for organizations.

IBD remains privately held by its executive management team headquartered in Granger, IN, on the outskirts of South Bend, Indiana.

We have provided consulting, training, and project management services in North America as well as in the Mid-East.

Because of our interest in decision-making and analytics, we became involved in the development of an integrated application (Wizsm) which we anticipate will be introduced in North America in 2021. It has been successfully implemented in the Mid-East and the European markets.