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Training and Event Management

Through an impressive and carefully selected range of training courses, event management options and marketing activities Innoverto offers complete, turn-key solutions to support your business.

Through partnerships with leading organizations worldwide, we offer high quality business training throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. The topic areas covered include: Management/Leadership, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Telecom, IT, Hospitality, HR and Procurement.

Whether you want to train yourself or your team, generate new business, entertain your team and your clients, or take your business forward through innovative solutions, at Innoverto you will find solutions that are informative, efficient, fun and meticulously planned. To learn more about Innoverto's training programs.


IYCON is a transformational technology solutions company whose mission is to serve businesses and governments, by delivering high quality strategic execution services, through world class technology tools, expertise, best practice methodologies and continued quality support. IYCON’s mission, "Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is geared to help companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empowering them with the ability to master change.

IYCON has been serving organizations locally & globally over the past 11 years. Our solutions cover tools such as Business Performance Management, Enterprise Document Management, Project & Portfolio Management, Process documentation, Business Intelligence, and Compliance & Risk Management.


Knowledge Consultants, Inc. (KCI) is a professional services firm founded in 1984. KCI provides educational, techniques, and analytical tools to help an organization improve its business performance to achieve success. We apply a combination of tools, techniques, methods, consulting, and education services that enable an organization. Our experience and training methods focus on providing knowledge, insight, and skills to use analytics in achieving and maintaining corporate excellence.


For over 25 years we’ve followed and researched collaboration and innovation and worked with many companies. We uncovered a gap: there isn’t a balanced approach for implementing an innovation process that is flexible and progressive. Our approach closes the gap. You will learn, create and advance, exploring different options for achieving your organization’s greatest potential. As you evolve, you transition from success to significance.


  • Apply creative problem-solving approaches and manage projects
  • Listen and confirm your goals and anticipated outcomes.
  • Interpret, align and reduce risks to achieve expected value.
  • Apply quantitative and semantic analytics to ensure relevance.
  • Ensure that results are effective, measurable and sustainable


Wizsm Solutions

Wizly Corporation© is an Information Technology Solutions Company providing a Solution Suite of Effective Operational and Decision Support Software Solutions to organizations across the globe.

The Wizsm Suite of Solutions empowers organizational management teams to effectively managing their day to day decision support processes, with powerful insights into their business. The team at Wizsm© is passionate about developing solutions which are innovative and progressive and providing insights into an organizations' performance.

Our Vision is to be a Global Information Technology Solutions Company, providing innovative and adaptable software solutions, enabling informed decisions across organizations. Our Mission is to passionately work towards solutions which “Enable Management Insights”. Our solutions are designed towards easing the challenges faced by management teams across the globe and enabling better and informed decisions.


Zaachman International

Founded in 1990, Zachman International® is the education and consulting firm started by John A. Zachman, author of the <Zachman® Framework.p>

After 26 years at IBM, John founded Zachman International as a company dedicated to the research and advancement of the state of the art in Enterprise Architecture principally based on the Framework for Enterprise Architecture- The Zachman® Framework. Now, over 20 years later, The Zachman® Framework has become the de-facto standard in defining the Enterprise Architecture ontology as it exists from a scientific perspective.