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Various papers about the use of various architectures and their implications on business.

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Architecture Book

Information By Design, LLC and Knowledge Consultants, Inc. in conjunction with Future Strategies, Inc. launched an architecture book ‘Business and Dynamic Change' in 2015, The 'Business Architecture’ book brought together many perspectives of architecture to provide various insights about how to use it. Fourteen (14) experienced consultants and knowledgeable authors discuss how architecture is part of several different managerial approaches. The book is focus on two major perspectives: one looks at the breath of architecture in organizational settings (the big picture) and the other describes practical applications of architecture.

Archetecture Book

At the 2015 BPM and Case Management Summit held in Washington DC, three featured authors pose from left to right, Frank Kowalkowski, President of Knowledge Consultants, Jude Pereira, CEO of IYCON, Dubai, UAE and Gil Laware, CEO of Information By Design, LLC.

In 2020, many ideas expressed in the book have been implemented with various technologies and applications like IoT, BPM, Big Data, real time analytics and reporting directly into mobile platforms.

The 'Business and Dynamic Change' book sponsored by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is the first in their new architecture series. Copies of the book are available via Amazon.

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Take the opportunity to examine the many ideas presented in the Architecture Book.

White Papers

Various Architecture publications and papers

In the discussion of Enterprise Architecture, which address both business and Information Technology, here are articles that were written for the The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN) publication:

Business Phrase Analytics

Here are some articles on application of phrase analytics:

Business Process Management

Here are some articles on analysis of business processes.

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