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The IBD principles have worked and excelled in all areas of business and IT, including strategic planning, disaster recovery, infrastructure support, project management, operations, telecommunications, data management, knowledge management, and application development. They have successfully implemented outsourcing and new technologies , like SOA.

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Information By Design was formed by two Purdue University - College of Technology instructors. As previously experience business and IT leaders prior to joining Purdue University. As Purdue Technology faculty, they saw a significant need for world-class IT management practices in many companies across the mid-west that they were in contact. Their successes and consultative services with these businesses grew in demand for new and increased services. As a result, IBD was formed to serve this broader market.


The IBD principles have over 50 years of experience working in IT leadership positions for Fortune 500 companies. They can leverage world-class processes and technologies to improve their customers' IT investment.

Focus on Delivery

IBD provides a framework to help in delivering services. Therefore, we ensure that our commitment is to have:

  • Clear goals and objectives.
  • Expectations in written statements of work.
  • Regular communication with all parties.
  • Best project management practices.
  • a satisfied Customer.

IBD assists and helps in recommending the right information technology decisions for your business: whatever the opportunity for IT improvement at your business, IBD measures success based on the business value they provide their customer. Each engagement starts with clear goals and objectives. Expectations for both short-term and long-term engagements are spelled out in written statements of work. Regular communication between the business contact and IBD occur to ensure expectations are met. IBD leverages best project management practices to both capture work scope and report progress. Customer satisfaction is our number one metric.

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