Business Process Management

Is BPM more than mapping, modeling, and management?

Often, in BPM efforts, there seems to be a focus on process mapping, process modeling and process management which is not quite on target. Certainly, there are work activities in these areas:

  • Process Mapping - More than a documentation process.
  • Process Modeling - More than creating diagrams.
  • Process Management - More than tracking processes.

busprocess01-smWhen examining a business, the analysis of the process is in relation to other business processes, locations, documents, information and data, business strategies, and the reasons (motives) why the process exists. This examination requires diagramming the steps needed to get tasks completed in an efficient and effective manner. Often steps change because of business conditions affecting the overall process which should show how tasks are performed. Certification for the ISO-9000 series is an example of such activities. But, businesses, who treat a suite of processes as an asset, understand that the key performance and result indicators are a means to identify, document, track, change, create and eliminate wasteful and inefficient process tasks.  BPM is but one means to gain a competitive advantage!

Why is BPM done?

There are four (4) basic reasons why BPM initiatives occur in a business, they are:

  • A perception or measure of inefficiency.
  • A perception or measure of ineffectiveness.
  • A perception threat or competitive situation.
  • A perceived opportunity aligned with a strategic direction.

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