CIO Leadership for Hire

Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Hire

What can a CIO do for your business?

Small and medium sized businesses can reap huge benefits by engaging a part-time CIO.

Information technology (IT) is at the heart of every significant business process and is critical to innovation and business success. Yet seeing, understanding and acting on the IT ‘big picture’ seldom occurs in many businesses. Vision is short- term and focused on daily operations. Existing IT staff are pressed to keep the business running and have little time, inclination, motivation or capability to focus on long-term planning (strategic planning). Therefore, the long-term IT activities are mis-aligned with the goals of the business. Consequently, businesses operate inefficiently, at competitive risk and on the brink of disaster.

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IBD can assume the role of the chief information officer (CIO) in your business. We work with your team to identify information and technology needs and then deliver services to meet those needs. A CIO is business-driven, focused on maintaining a balance between short-term goals and future directions while managing technical and business priorities. Without this focused approach to managing information technology, a business leaves itself vulnerable.

A CIO’s priorities include the following:

  • Leading the IT team.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the business.
  • Creating a vision for how IT will build business success.
  • Shaping and inform expectations for an IT-enabled enterprise.
  • Creating clear and appropriate IT governance (processes and measurements).
  • Weaving business and IT strategy together.
  • Building an IT organization that is leaner and focused.
  • Developing, mentoring and nurturing a high-performing team.
  • Managing IT and assess IT/Business risks.
  • Communicating IT's performance in business-relevant language.
  • Providing IT project leadership aligned with business goals.
  • Deploying effective information management practices.

By assuming these responsibilities, a CIO drives bottom-line savings and creates revenue generating opportunities leading to competitive advantage through the effective use of technology.

Technology for business performance is IBD's motto!

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