Business-Driven Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT Business Planning Choice

The role of IT has become pervasive and critical to improved delivery of goods and services to customers. With today’s economic turmoil, there is considerable interest in leveraging the role of IT in the management and success of the enterprise. With technology available to everyone today effective and efficient use is more important than just having some technology in place or trying to achieve a competitive advantage just by having the latest technology.

Because the enterprise must adapt to an ever changing environment, alignment of IT is always an issue. How you use information technology has become as important as what technology you have. Old uses like old technology will not enable your enterprise to achieve excellence.

IT is squeezed between two strong forces of change. The IT function is subject to pressure from new technology as well as business volatility. These pressures demand better information technology management and planning. Changing technology and increased uses of information and related delivery systems means alignment becomes more critical to success of the business.

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