What is Infrastructure?

Common Definition and Use

One of the commonly used terms being used today is infrastructure.  Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures needed to run a society or an organization.  It is a set of interconnected structural elements that provide the means to support the entire structure.  There are two elements the: physical (hard) elements combine with all of the organizations (soft) to maintain the economic, health, cultural, and social standards.  The infrastructure includes fixed assets, control systems, and software required to operate, manage, and monitor the systems.

The most common use of the infrastructure as used by information technology personnel refers to interconnecting hardware and software that supports the flow of data and the processing of that data.  So, it is usually considered one of the elements of architectural development of a system: the communications network, the elements supporting all computer hardware, software (middleware, operating systems, databases management systems), and data needed to support the organization.

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