Strategic IT Manager

Training Approach

Managing IT today has never been more interesting or full of challenges. On one extreme IT is viewed as a commodity, on the other as a strategic weapon. Reality may be anywhere on the spectrum. New technologies and electronic services impact IT performance and perceptions. Service architectures, cloud computing, electronic services, content management and many other current approaches change the computing paradigm. Coupled with this is the increasing scrutiny of IT performance, its ability to move with business changes and the risk associated with IT performance. 

Performance of an enterprise revolves around the management approach, the definition of the business and a basic understanding how IT contributes and fits into the overall picture. IT is involved whether the performance interest is operational, strategic, financial or providing data to partners and customers. Strategic IT panning is crucial to making the alignment connection with the business. Assessing that impact assures IT meets its goals.

The focus of this course is on the emerging, changing and evolving relationship of IT with the business. With many new options available to businesses today such as outsourcing, off-shoring, partnering and other IT business models, a great deal of flexibility and adaptation in making effective use of IT is needed. Topics in IT management, governance and risk are covered as well as emerging development approaches to delivering solutions to the business.

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