Staying Competitive – The Cloud Computing Opportunity

Training Approach

Driving down cost while improving service levels has never been more challenging, or more attainable. As lightening fast, low cost, reliable, scalable and secure wide area network technology has proliferated, so has the ability to leverage world class IT solutions on a subscription basis. Many IT services are now available in the cloud performing better, costing less, and driving competitive advantage. Cloud computing is playing a significant role in every IT leader’s arsenal

The focus of this seminar is on the role cloud computing can play in an overall IT strategy to lower costs, reduce risk and enable competitive advantage. IT must be aware of the value cloud computing can play in their overall IT systems delivery strategy. Understanding the options, risks, benefits and opportunities will be critical in developing a strategy that is right for your organization.

The content of cloud computing (Internet) based delivery system entails multiple facets of information technology. Managing this new environment requires understanding client, client-server, and Internet systems to make good judgments for implementation. The material will deal with the following topics:

  • What is Cloud Computing - the Fundamentals
  • Business Value of Cloud Computing
  • Computing in the Cloud
  • Developing a Cloud Computing Strategy
  • Traditional vs. The Cloud
  • The technical foundation of Cloud Computing
  • Managing Data
  • Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Using Software as a Service
  • Setting Cloud Standards
  • Managing the Cloud
  • Governing the Cloud
  • Managing desktops and devices in the cloud
  • Service Oriented Architecture in the cloud
  • Managing the cloud environment
  • Starting your journey to the cloud

Cloud computing is rapidly changing the way we do business. This course focuses on the value added by using the variety of ‘Something as a Service’ approach to IT.

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