Data Management

Training Approach

Data management today encompasses a larger scope than managing a data base or some application data files. Because the enterprise must adapt to an ever changing environment the management and use of data has taken on new significance. How you use data and information technology has become as important as the applications that support the processes. Old data methods like old technology will not enable your enterprise to achieve excellence.

Data management is squeezed between two strong forces of change. The IT function and related data management are subject to pressure from new technology as well as business volatility. These pressures demand better data and information management and planning. Changing technology such as cloud computing, noSQL, social media, and increased uses of information and related delivery systems means alignment and direction becomes more critical to success of the business.

This course is intended for those who are concerned with data management and the strategic use of data by their enterprise. This includes a number of key tasks such as, aligning data strategy with the direction of the business, understanding the role of data in the business today and implementing a reliable methodology for developing the data management plan. This course also covers the related topics such as metadata management that are needed to properly complete an understanding of data management needs. The goal is to develop the correct data management direction for the business.

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