Essential IT Management

Training Approach

IT management today is under considerable pressure to perform. That performance has many facets not the least which are to delivery services, control costs and protect the IT assets of the enterprise. So the job of IT Management has become more complicated. At the same time there are many tools and techniques for dealing with the management issue faced by IT.

Many of the basic rules applied across the enterprise regarding how to manage are also applied to IT. Benchmarking has become more common, service agreements are being put in place and business management expects to hear about alternative approaches to delivering applications.

This has caused an almost continual state of change for IT with the focus on standardization and common use of assets. Pressures exist to manage staff and in some cases to outsource, replace or ‘down skill’ the staff. Managing can be quite a challenge in such an environment.

The focus in this course is on understanding what has been changing in IT, what the current thinking is and what might happen in the near future that requires attention of today’s IT managers.

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