Management Information Systems (MIS)

Digitizing for the Future

Digitizing an enterprise is a core approach to designing effective and efficient solutions to business problems. The key idea for digitising the enterprise is systems and systems thinking. A system is an integrated set of elements that accomplish defined objectives. A digitised enterprise is not the same as a digital enterprise. A digitised enterprise is one that extensively uses digitised processes to solve business problems. A digital enterprise is a web-based enterprise. A web-based enterprise can also be considered as one that has been completely digitized.

Systems thinking has driven the understanding of business for many years. At the core of systems thinking is creating a boundary around a number of components of something and then understanding how the components influence and relate to each other. There is no better example of systems than the structure of a typical business. Adding the feedback idea to systems we get a dynamic and adaptive view of a business, a key need in responding to changes in the environment around the business.

The approach towards management information systems (MIS) has evolved over time. MIS started with the view that groups of actions and their related enablers (documents,skills, procedures, policies) could be linked together and be semi-automated by computers. Today, MIS encompasses the view of the entire enterprise as a collection of interacting automated and manual information systems. The course addresses a number of fundamental topics:

  • MIS Today
  • System Think and Doing
  • Types Of Systems
  • Business Analysis – What Should The System Do?
  • Enterprise Analysis – The Business Structure
  • Articulating Requirements For Business Systems
  • Types Of Operational Systems
  • Business Performance And Reporting Systems
  • Assessing Information System Viability
  • Methods Of Delivering Solutions
  • Delivering Systems – The Role Of IT
  • Information Economics

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