Business-Driven Strategic IT Plan

How do you formulate and execute strategic plans that are aligned with your Business Strategies?


By providing your management team with training and mentoring to execute their business' IT direction.

The purpose of this training is to provide an understanding of the relationship of your business strategy and the implications of that strategy on your information technology (IT) staff. To be successful, you must align your IT's strategic plan with the business' strategy so the business accomplishes its goals and objectives. IT's capabilities and execution of key projects is critically important to maintaining and expanding the business. This training will provide your staff with:Training Approach

  • Understanding the strategic IT planning framework and methods to document the IT strategic plan.
  • Developing an approach to formulate strategic IT programs and initiatives linked to business direction.
  • Gaining a greater understanding of your organization's IT capabilities and defining its future direction.
  • Learning how to progress from business and organization analysis to the identification of IT opportunities.
  • Using techniques to identify IT opportunities to create new or enhanced business services.
  • Planning the linkage with other strategic resources to achieve and sustain leadership.
  • Positioning IT initiatives, applications and technologies to support business-driven justification of IT investments.

In conjunction with our business partner, Knowledge Consultants, Inc., IBD can provide a training program to help your business develop the IT strategic plan that addresses your business strategies. It addresses who, what, where, when, how, and why your IT organization will expend various resources to meet the goals and objectives your business seeks.

IBD can work with you to develop an IT strategic plan and mentor your staff that ensures you address the IT alignment gap.

To learn more about using training and mentoring for a Business-Driven IT Strategic plan, click here .

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