Technology Planning

Delivering the Right Stuff

The technology planning process focuses on your information technology investments and making decision-making process quicker, flexible, and more thoroughly aligned process with your organizations business plan and priorities. The result of the process is a technology plan. It is the single most important ingredient to effectively describing the use of technology in your organization. In doing the process, it helps to think through your business priorities in order to use technology in a way that directly furthers your organization's mission.

The result of a good technology plan is it helps: minimize technology-related crises, use staff time efficiently, and avoid wasting money on various disruptive technology purchases.

The Forester Research organization suggests that the following methods be incorporated into your process to address the various aspects of technology planning. They include:

  • A repository of enterprise application data to provide a common inventory of applications, data, costs, life cycles, owners and stewards.
  • Capability maps to link IT’s capabilities to the critical business processes.
  • Gap analysis tools to assess current verses future IT capabilities to define what needs to be built, enhanced, or scaled back.
  • Modeling and analytic capability to compared various alternates: pros, cons, and risks.
  • Reporting tools: To make plans visible, relevant, insightful for the whole organization, and used to communicate plan elements clearly.

There are many technologies that an organization has to address based upon the industry sector they provide products and services. This reference of sixty-six (66) may assist you in developing the areas of interest for your technology plan. IBD recommends the use of the one (1) page architectures to show various elements of the technology plan in a consistent manner. To learn more, contact IBD.

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