Insight into Business

Insight: The Future of Understanding Decision-makers (managers, business analysts, and others) use certain analytics daily to assess changes to get insight into the impacts on risk and priorities.

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Insight into Business

Need to be Competitive!

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are merging, consolidating, and streamlining their business processes to reduce costs and increase business productivity. Key-levels of integration include data, business logic, business process, and user integration. These integration levels are necessary to focus the business processes and users to understand factors needed to better manage business processes. They include:

  • Ensuring consistency
  • Optimizing processes
  • Automating manual processes
  • Integrating complex or redundant processes
  • Mitigating risks
  • Enforcing performance management

Business process management (BPM) combines with the right information technology architecture and can improve business effectiveness. To implement BPM most effectively, tools and expertise are needed to model, assemble, deploy, and manage processes. IBD has the experience and expertise to help make this happen.

As Operational Decision-Makers, we:

  • Have short time period to make decision
  • May or may not use analytics because it takes too long to accomplish
  • Have too much or too little information (Uncertainty)
  • Many, interrelated factors to consider (Complex)
  • Impact of the decision may be significant (Risk)
  • Are being too overconfident that they have solution
  • Various and alternatives, each with its own set of uncertainties and consequences
  • Agree upon the conclusions
  • Make the decision
  • Execute the decision
  • Monitor the effect of the decision

One tool we recommend is Wizsm. Why - Wizsm’s integrated suite and its connectivity to information and data provides decision-makers with an easy way to examine many options, alternatives, increase their effectiveness, minimize analysis costs, increase clarity in decision-making, and communicate of the results. To learn more, see Wizsm Overview.