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the Future of Analysis/Analytics

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Tooling to do Business: the Future of Analysis/Analytics

Decision-makers (managers, business analysts, and others) have become data driven with the explosion of technologies.  Internet-of-Things (IoT) connections, Big Data, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Google infrastructures are now providing volumes of data which support the various analytics being used. Analytics to analyze patterns, patterns to insight, insight to make decisions, and decisions to gain competitive advantage.   

Decision tools used to be Competitive!

Regardless of your organization’s environment (governmental, commercial, or non-commercial), analytical tools and applications have always been used to assess relationships, inferences, financial implications, and risk analysis which drive operational performances of your organization.

A large part of the tools and applications used supporting strategy functions, use Microsoft Office. In the tactical operations, Microsoft Office applications are heavily used with other tools that support that function, and at an operational level, specific functional applications are used. These diverse applications are not integrated, resulting in:

  • Inconsistent information
  • Processes that are complex or redundant processes
  • Maintaining manual processes that are inefficient
  • Impact the decision-making activities throughout the organization
  • Performance results that are inconsistent across the organization

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