Syncopation Software

Decision-Making Analytics for Managers and Analysts

Syncopation has developed and supported software tools since 2003 to help organizations enhance decision quality and the value of their investments. Their DPL 9 software is an intuitive, graphical decision tree software that provides insights that lead to enhanced decision quality. Their focus is to effectively account for uncertainty, find opportunity in risk, generate alternatives and options so the best, most informed decision can be made.

A key part of managing an organization is making decisions. Decision involve choosing between options and understanding the impact of changes in the decision factors. Having the most achievable, accurate, and meaningful decision results improves the overall performance of any organization. Decisions are pervasive across the internal organization with they are part of processes, performance reporting, incident response and direction. Decisions can include the overall direction of an organization in response to external threats or organizational weaknesses.

Specific tools, help provide the insight and options when multiple choice situations occur. Typically, tools such as spreadsheets can provide some input to a decision, but the best approach is to use tools that provide consideration for influences and alternatives based on likely probabilities that those conditions are likely to occur. To evaluate these options, specific types of models and analytics provide better insight than looking at tables of numbers.

In many cases, Excel is used to input these options. Managers and analysts prepare the basic model in Excel, add probabilities, data values, influences and decision factors. Multiple sets of data values can be added to view several alternatives or changes in the meaning of the model over time. This is very time consuming and costly. With DPL/9, the decision modeling management tool provides managers with easy-to-use modeling structures for analyzing decision options and with Wizly’s workflow capabilities analysis enhance the organization’s decision-making environment.