Wizly Capabilities

Wizly’s integrated suite
increases effectiveness, minimizes analysis costs, increases clarity in decision-making.

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Wizly Capabilities

What can you do with Wizly?

Since Wizly is an integrated suite, it has many functional capabilities. As such, a decision-maker or analyst can:

  • Relate, analyze, and publish - Corporate Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategy Map, and with drill-down of various key performance measures
  • View Initiatives, Objectives, and related Projects
  • Incorporate internal and external information/data for analyses
  • Import different information (Excel, database logs, etc.)
  • Manage different types of information (such as: projects, activities, decisions, policies, indicators, and targets)
  • Build analytic workflows to expedite the decision-making process
  • Chart and dashboard current and historical trends
  • Visualize Processes graphically
  • Develop collaborative workflows with chat capability to expedite the process
  • Define, assess, and profile various types of information (products, services, goals, risks, etc.) for whatever purpose
  • Provide access to supporting documents and files as needed

This integration minimizes time and costs associated with running your organization. It provides the ability to view multiple perspectives within and outside the organization while increasing effectiveness, minimizing analysis costs, increasing clarity in decision-making, and communicating the results.