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Wizly Demos

Management challenges occur in various ways. Wizly has been used to assist organizations respond these dynamic challenges and changes.

Ranking of a Portfolio of Projects –
Showing recommended projects
This 4-Box (BCG Matrix) shows the relationship of ranked business projects (data parameters chosen by group) which ranked on of various business projects. The axes show the comparing time-to-implement verses overall project benefit.
Project Rankings
Ranking of Projects –
By Cost, Time, and overall Benefit

This chart shows a group of ranked projects using a combination of data attributes: cost, time to implement, complexity, and risk) that are parameters chosen by group. Value represents the combination of those parameters. The value is charted against those projects.
Wizly Ranking


Tracing Source to Target Strategic
Relations (Goal-Objective-Measure)
This is known as a DNA chart because it shows the relationships in the various paths of a Goal-to- an Objective-to-a Measure. A key finding is identifying any hidden relationships that may not have been known previously.
Tracing Source
A Visual display communicating the
Alignment of Initiatives to Objectives

This matrix is a heat map showing a comparison of a group evaluating the Probability (Remote-to-Probable) to (Low-to-Extreme) Consequence associated achieving an objective of achieving revenue growth. Notice the chat box on the right allow for participants comments about the heat map.
Matrix Risks


Workflow showing the Quarterly
Performance Review Process
A visual display of processes and workflows are critical for communicating the way your business operates. Different versions of the process or workflow can be reviewed to understand differences and who made the respective change.
Process Performance
Analyze Different Scenarios
with Matrix Analytics

In many cases, a matrix is an easy way to understand the relationship between two items (i.e. list of Financial items reporting in various countries since each country has different financial requirements. The row and column totals reflect a total count of the relationships. This matrix information helps in ranking financial areas that need work and those countries with the most regulations.
Matrix Analytics