Wizsm Overview

Wizsm’s integrated suite
provides decision-makers with information and data to increase their effectiveness and results.

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Wizsm Overview

Wizsm, a Decision-Maker’s aid: The Future of Everything

Decision-makers (managers, business analysts, and others) use certain analytics over and over. With Excel, you select functions (such as statistical or financial) and apply them to the data in the spreadsheet. Whereas, with Wizsm, you open any analytic and bring the data into the analytic. This allows the decision-maker to select from multiple analytic options and a variety of data sources.

Unlike dashboard tools and spreadsheets, Wizsm’s analytics provide capabilities to do:

Wizsm Solutions

  1. Comparative/ranking
  2. Quantitative/Semantic
  3. Statistical/Machine Learning
  4. Path Analysis
  5. Consolidation/Clustering
  6. Process / Data mining

Wizsm has been used in a number of ways showing some of the typical applications.

As a Decision-Maker, we:

  • Use frameworks (like SWOT, Risk Assessment, Strategic Alignment, etc.) to focus and frame our analysis
  • Use analytics to gain insight
  • Draw conclusions
  • Make the decision

Wizsm’s integrated suite and its connectivity to information and data provides decision-makers with a way to increase their effectiveness, minimize analysis costs, increase clarity in decision-making, and communicate results.